Friday, January 15, 2010

Did I mention Tests????

Admission to MDA requires lots of tests. Quickly your days become very focused on names of test, acronyms that stand for test, and things you do, and do not have in, or on your body. So when the nurse asked "Do you have a cat?" (for the record I don't) My mind searched all my databases, which I must admit are very few these days, and for the life of me could not come up with a test, or an appendage that matched that description. I managed a "I'm sorry." She repeated herself, "Do you have a cat?" Again the search of my mind did not return any matches. I was forced to admit I had no idea what test or body part she was referring to. She laughed and pointed to my hand. Sure enough there was a long scratch on my hand, that had showed up sometime over the last 2 days in my moving around. She said, "an animal,........ a cat scratch."

I started laughing.......Sometimes I can have such a blonde moment.


Micah Holden said...

I must be rubbing off on you ! ha!! I detect a smile, so good to "hear" your laughter. : )
Love you,

shanna28 said...

Im trying to figure this out :)! Not sure i get it.. lol. but i soon will. I miss you! Did u get my text i sent to u on mon? I will continue to pray for you as always. Im so glad you did this blog. (great idea Micah) so we could all who love you so much keep up with you. Hang in their!!
Love You,